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Monday 12 March 2012

Mexican Mayhem Coming soon to London

I love finding out about new restaurants and bars in London, I even have a special 'Places to Go' email folder at work to fill up with constant newbies to try out with the girls.  However I did an extra high jump for joy when I heard about the opening of La Bodega Negra in Soho....

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Serge Becker (the brains behind a number of hot New York haunts including The Box) has teamed up with Will Ricker (the man behind the amazing Ricker Restaurants in London...E&O, Eight over Eight etc) to work on a new Mexican project in Soho.  

And what a project it is....not one but two new spots will be opening very soon - 'La Bodega Negra - Taqueria and Cafe' on Moor Street which will serve up street food and snacky bar bites and 'La Bodega Negra restaurant and Bar' on Old Compton Street - an underground restaurant seating 100 people with apparently a 'kick-ass bar'!

I'm super excited about this because one of my favourite restaurants of all time is Will Ricker's 'Great Eastern Dining Room' in Hoxton. It does the most scrumptious pan-Asian food (my favs being the salt chili squid and blackened salmon - even the egg fried rice is to die for!) and seriously killer cocktails - especially the Rose petal Martini. Not only is the food and drink amazing but the decor is quirky and cool without being pretentious, every time I see the red neon sign it makes me smile!

So to find out that a NY bar and club legend is working with my hero of restaurants is just too much! It apparently opens on 16th March.... as soon as I venture down there I will report back as there is very little on line regarding the menu or photographs...I'll let you all know the important details ASAP....eeeeeek!!

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