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Wednesday 14 March 2012

3BM Gift Guide: What to Buy Peter Pan Fashionistas

Every Christmas there's an abundance of gift guides.  What to buy your Mum, your brother, your boyfriend, your best friend, your grandma, your dog.  Gifts for under £10, eco-friendly gifts and even how to DIY your gifts.

But have you noticed that at almost any other time of the year you have to come up with all the ideas all by yourself?  Presumably anyone that you have to buy for at Christmas you're also going to have to buy for at least for their Birthday and then there's the anniversary gift for your boyfriend, the congratulations on your new job present for your best friend and the just because gift for your sister when she's feeling a bit down... Well worry no longer, the Mice are here to help.

Today we bring you the first installment of the 3BM All Year Gift Guide.  Armed with this, all your present conundrums should melt away.  Don't have anyone you need to buy for right now?  Lucky you, in that case, you'll just have to treat yourself... 

What to Buy Peten Pan Fashionistas
She lives for fashion week, is currently wearing the Prada flame sandals with her Burberry Porsum rafia hat and Victoria by Victoria Beckham cat print dress (Ok not all at once, that would be ridiculous) but she also still sucks her thumb and consumes half her daily calorie intake in Haribo.

The classic Peter Pan Fashionista; the fashaholic who refuses to grow up.  What to buy her?  We have the answers...

The Beautiful Game
No, not football.  As far as we're concerned, the only really beautiful thing about football is David Beckham and we prefer him off of the pitch,  in the window of H&M, in just his boxers...anyway, we digress back to the gift guide, one of our top picks for any Peter Pan Fashionista is this Fashion Top Trumps card game, Fashion Face-Off.  Does a set of Louis Vuitton Luggage trump a pair of Louboutins? And does a DVF wrap dress trump a Christopher Kane dress?  With categories such as 'Red Carpet Wow Factor' and 'Top Ebay bid', the game provides the perfect opportunity for your fashionista pal to play a game AND show off her fashion savvy.  Just make sure you let her beat you, or there's bound to be tears before bedtime... 

Each card is beautifully illustrated by Erin Petson, we actually think that the cards are too gorgeous to play with and that they'd look great framed up and hanging on your wall.   And at just £8.95 they're a total bargain of a gift.  

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Fashion Fairytales
To make sure that her dreams are filled with Couture and catwalks, how about the perfect bedtime story?

Fashion journalist and industry stalwart, Camilla Morton has woven together fairytale and our favourite fashion icons in two beautiful books, Manolo Blahnik's the Elves and the Shoemaker: A Fashion Fairytale and Christian Lacroix and The Tale of Sleeping Beauty: A Fashion Fairytale Memoir.  Each story is based on the biography of its fabulous fashion subject and both Christian and Manolo have provided the illustrations to accompany their respective stories.  Next in the series, John Galliano and Diane von Furstenberg.  Both are available from Amazon for £8.44 each.

Viktor & Rolf the Dutch duo behind their eponymous avant garde fashion label, once famously said, "for us, fashion is an antidote to reality".  The pair have carried this maxim through to the pages of their volume of twelve fairytales, Viktor & Rolf Fairytales.  This magical book also features illustrations by its authors and includes a variety of whimsical characters including the Lonely Disco Hedgehog.  

Available from Amazon for £8.44.

Catwalk Crafts & Colouring-in
Fashion's all about daring to cross the lines, but this is one fashion gift that requires staying well within the lines.  Fashion colouring books.

First up the Colour Me Good Kate Moss Colouring Book.  Created by the super talented Mel Simone Elliott (see more MeSi Elliott fabness just below), this is our fav childhood pastime combined with the supermodel to top all supermodels, Mossy... A whole book of Kate illustrations just waiting to be coloured with your Never Never Land bud's Crayolas.  Available from Shopbop for £9.97.      
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Or for a more Couture colouring experience, how about the Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book?  As well as lots of gorgeous, previously unpublished sketches for her to colour, this book also includes half completed designs for her to use her fashion flair to finish.  Available from Amazon for a pocket money price of just £4.43.

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If she's more of a crafty one than a colourer, how about an excuse to get snippy with the scissors?  Fash Pack Paper Dolls or Kate Moss Paper Dolls also by the genius Mel Simone Elliott are an excellent choice.  I clearly remember having a Diana version of these as a six year old complete with Elizabeth Emanuelle wedding gown.  Bring all that eighties fabulousness bang into 2012 with Kate, Agyness Deyn, Jourdan Dunn and Jessica Stam.  She's more Bootylicious bling?  There's Beyonce Paper Doll.  More into meat dresses than Marc Jacobs?  Well then there's Lady Gaga Paper Doll.  And at £7.50 a pop, why not buy the whole lot?

Plastic Fantastic
Paper dolls are well and good but if she's a real Peter Pan Fashionista then we're guessing she's very probably also a Barbie Girl...  Launched by Mattel in 1959, Barbie is just as beautiful 53 years on.  There were lots of great fash collaborations for Barbie's 50th anniversary a couple of years ago but you can still snap up our ultimate Fashion Barbies, Dolly Forever Barbie Doll by Christian Louboutin and Anemone Barbie by Christian Louboutin which were both designed by the shoe God himself and even come complete with three additional pairs of miniature Louboutins together with shoe boxes, dust bags and of course signature red soles all for US$150.   

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