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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Eyelash Extensions

Passport?  Check.
Bikini? Check.
Spray Tan? Check.
Wax? Check.
Pedicure? Check.

All ready for holiday then?

Not quite... last month I tried out eyelash extensions for the very first time and they're now a firm fixture on my holiday prep must list.  In fact, I love them so much that I would have them all year round if I wasn't a little concerned about them not being great for my real eyelashes.  I'm trying to take a little break from them before getting my next set but come junk season  I'll definitely be doing back-to-back eyelash extensions (for non-HKers a junk's a boat.  They're usually pretty basic, can be hired for the day and generally involve far too much Sea Breeze.  Every summer I seem to spend virtually every weekend on one...).

I got mine done at Browhaus on Wyndham Street in Hong Kong.  Browhaus also have a branch in Covent Garden which I've heard good things about but I'm sure that the London Mice will be checking it out and feeding back at some point this year before one of their many holidays.  

I did a fair amount of internet research before choosing Browhaus.  They're definitely a little more on the pricey side than other places offering the service in Hong Kong but I think with things involving your eyes its best not to scrimp and go for somewhere that you trust.  

I arrived at the salon and while I was seated in a comfy reclining chair the therapist talked me through the different options.  I could either have the Express Lash where clusters of lashes are applied to your own or I could have the Lash in Bloom where individual lashes are applied one by one.  The Express Lash is quicker and cheaper and apparently gives a more dramatic effect.  The Lash in Bloom takes much longer but the end result should be more natural, a kind of you but better look.  I was wary of looking too TOWIE, so went for the Lash in Bloom.  I then had to choose the length of lash to go for.  Eventually after agonising over various spider leg resembling lashes, I plumped for the 12mm and prayed that I wouldn't emerge looking too glamour model.  

Application is a pretty simple and pain free process.  The therapist removed my make-up and taped my lower lashes down so that there'd be no gluing together of eyelids.  She then set about sticking the individual lashes onto my own.  Others have reported that the glue can sting a little but my eyelids are clearly tougher than most and I even drifted off to sleep during the almost two hour application process.  

When the therapist was done and I was presented with a mirror to examine my new eyelashes, I was absolutely thrilled with the results.  My eyes were framed with long, fluttery, bambi-like lashes.  I looked fresher and more awake and there wasn't even a hint of Lauren Goodger.

I was told that I should avoid taking a hot shower for the next few hours and that I should use water rather than oil based eye make-up remover to make sure that the lashes lasted for as long as possible.  Included in the price of the lashes is a complimentary touch-up which has to be scheduled within the first seven days of application.  I went back to the salon a week after my first appointment and the therapist spent another hour gluing in additional lashes.

I went on holiday two days after my second appointment and my lashes lasted the full ten days of sun, sand and sea.  I woke up every morning looking done.  No need for fiddling about with waterproof mascara and much to my boyfriend's delight I was ready in the evenings after a shower and a quick swipe of bronzer and a dab of lipgloss.  

About two weeks after my second appointment, the false lashes started to shed quite quickly and I engaged in a bit of very bad lash tugging (I really don't recommend this as you definitely end up pulling out some of your real lashes at the same time).  Browhaus offer a lash removal service so I'd suggest that you get yourself booked in for an appointment as soon as your lashes start to drop.  

All in all, I can't recommend lash extensions enough.  I initially felt that the whole thing sounded a little high maintenance and tacky but the results are so natural and actually end up saving you time because you don't need mascara or nearly as much eye make-up as usual.  A definite new staple in my beauty arsenal.   

HKD 700/GBP 58 for Lash in Bloom with complimentary touch up within the first week.


Hong Kong
Ground Floor, 17 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 28450886

Covent Garden
19a Floral Street
WC2E 9HL, Covent Garden
London, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 7240 8408

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