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Sunday 26 February 2012

Designer Deprived? Check out Chic & Seek...

I don't know about anyone else but pay day can't come soon enough. I love flicking through fashion magazines and dreaming of the perfect designer wardrobe but there comes a point when dreaming should become reality - my overdraft and credit card would beg to differ! 

Well 3BM are here to fix it with this smart and fashion-forward website ... CHIC & SEEK! Secondhand designer clothes and accessories in pristine condition and at a fraction of the price. 

The site lives online however you can also makes appointments and visit the showroom in Notting Hill. You can even pre-select the items you like and they'll have them ready and waiting for you in the changing room ... now that's service! 

The 3BM are truly obsessed with this fashion find and regularly check in to see new arrivals. It wouldn't do to miss out on fashion bargains now would it!

Some of out favs at the moment are...

But Shhhhhhhh don't tell everyone!

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